6 Common Reasons why Students miss great Career Opportunities


1. Parents think students know everything

While students are internet savvy, their awareness levels about opportunities is not great either.  Not convinced?  Ask the students about 10 exams each in Engineering, Medical or Design.


2. Clashing exam dates

Between months of April and June nearly 250 entrance exams are conducted.  Invariable many exams end-up clashing with others.  If not planned well, students will end up missing good options.


3. Competitive nature of students

We've heard best friends hiding exams or opportunity related information from each other.  After all, it is one less competitor! 


4. Tracking multiple dates of various exams

Each exam has, on an average, 5-6 key dates.  If one wants to follow 10 exams, that is like following 60 key dates.  Manually tracking these require rigorous follow-ups and discipline by parents.


5. I don't know that I don't know

You won't look for something if you don't know they exist.   Students miss good options and just go by what they hear from peers and from their coaching classes.


6. Parents are crazy-busy

Working parents hardly get time to research all options for their children.  They rely on their own children to find out options, or seek info from their colleagues in office, or bank upon coaching centers.

About the author: Tarun is a Co-founder at MyExamPlan.com. He can be reached at tarun@myexamplan.com

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Author: K Raman