BS Electronic Systems Admission Without JEE Advanced In IIT Madras


Indian Institute of Technology Madras invites applications for admission in BS Degree in Electronic Systems, designed in a flexible structure with multiple exit options at Foundation, Diploma and Degree level. IIT Madras Admission Without JEE Advanced

Course delivery methodology

a) This is a non-campus program.

b) Students will have to study through pre-recorded video lessons which will be made available on IITM portal.

c) One or two live sessions per course will be conducted to clear doubts and interact with the course instructor and course support team.

d) Each course page will have a discussion forum where learners can raise their course-related questions and interact with the course instructor or course support team.

For all questions not related to the course, you may write to

e) Every semester will have two quizzes and an end semester exam for each course. All quizzes and end semesters exams will be in-person, invigilated exams at designated centres across the country. You need to travel to the exam centre and take these exams.

Eligibility to Apply

a) Anyone who has passed Class 12 or equivalent with Physics and Mathematics can apply irrespective of age. View list of accepted class 12 equivalents.

b) School students who have appeared for their Class 11 final exams can apply. Those who qualify can join the program after passing Class 12.

Admission pathways to the Foundation Level

a) Regular entry (non-JEE): All eligible candidates, irrespective of their backgrounds, can earn admission to the Foundation Level by successfully completing the qualifier process.

b) JEE-based entry: A student who has qualified for JEE Advanced 2023 is automatically eligible for admission and can register for courses in the foundation level of the BS program.

Flexible course structure: There is flexibility to exit at any level. Depending on the courses completed and credits earned, the learner can receive a

a) Foundation Certificate from IITM CODE (Centre for Outreach and Digital Education) OR

b) Diploma from IIT Madras OR

c) BS Degree in Electronic Systems from IIT Madras.

Courses and Credits in Each Level

Foundation Level: 44 credits | 9 theory + 1 lab course

Diploma Level: 42 credits | 8 theory + 2 lab course

BS Degree Level: 56 credits | 12 courses + Apprenticeship (optional)

Completion time for the BS degree: 4 - 8 years

Time period is based on the learner’s preferred pace and performance in assessments. Expected learner engagement will be approximately 10 hours/course/week.

Online Courses & Assignments: Duration of each course: 12 weeks - Each week comprises 2-3 hours of videos, practice questions, text transcripts, and graded assignments - everything made available online.

Quizzes and Exams: In-person invigilated quizzes and exams for all courses. Additional assessments as per the grading pattern defined for each course.

Lab Exercises: Some of the courses of the programme are accompanied by lab sessions. The lab sessions will be conducted at IIT Madras Campus every semester. Some lab sessions may be done online or can be handled through kits that will be suggested and can be purchased by students.


There are 3 types of assessments for each course:

- Weekly Assignments which are online

 - Monthly in-person Quizzes

- In-person End Term Exam

Some of the courses are accompanied by lab sessions to be done at home with the use of electronic kits as suggested. It is mandatory that students travel to IIT Madras campus to demonstrate the lab experiments specified.

In addition, assessments may include programming exams, mini projects, vivas, take home assignments, etc.

Exam Cities: The Invigilated Quizzes and End Semester exams are conducted in a number of cities spread across India.

Exams are also conducted in centres in some countries such as UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Singapore and Sri Lanka if there are enough students in these places. Learners based out of other countries will be allowed to take up remote proctored exams. Additional Exam Fee will apply for all learners opting to write exams outside India.

Application schedule

Registration link:

Registration last date: 27 Aug 2023

Qualifier Phase Week 1 Start: 22nd September 2023

Qualifier Exam: 29th October 2023

Click HERE for complete details and online registration.




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