NMC Caution: Unrecognized Foreign Medical University


National Medical Commission has issued a Public Notice cautioning public at large about the rather poor and dubious state of affairs in a university in Yerevan (Armenia).

The notice dated 14 Jan 2022 is about a Medical University named after St Tereza in Yerevan (Armenia) not having proper infrastructure, faculty and other malpractices. NMC has issued this based on the information received by it from Ambassador of India, Yeravan (Armenia) which in turn was prompted by the numerous complaints from the concerned Indian students. The notice talks of issues related to:NMC Caution

- University’s medical courses accreditation not renewed by Min of Education, Armenia

- Lack of proper studies

- Infrastructure inadequacy

- Faculty problems

- Not keeping proper academic records of Indian students

- Denial of degree on course completion

- Corruption

- Extortion of money on various grounds

- Agents in tandem with university issuing fake admission letters

- Cheating Indian students

While providing these details in the notice, NMC has advised fresh Indian students to be cautious and to exercise due diligence before taking admission in this university.


National Medical Commission, constituted by an act of Parliament in 2020, lays down policies for regulating medical institutions, medical researches and medical professionals and make necessary regulations in this behalf in India.


-- MEP News Bureau