Identifying Career Opportunities through Entrance Exams


Does having your child in Class 12 mean a year of sleepless nights, constant stress, an agonising year planning the right college for your child? In between all this there may also be a cousin's wedding, another family function, your own appraisals, hectic commutes, quarter end targets, stressful work environment etc, etc. Will you be able to give in the 100% that your child demands at this threshold of his/her life?

Have you marked the key dates and have you been able to spot any clash of dates which will leave you and your child in a dilemma at the last moment?

The trick to having a smooth sail during this most crucial phase in your child's life is to have complete control over the action plan months prior to the entrance exam season.

Exam timelines, test patterns, college ranking & research should be known first hand rather than depend on a coaching institute or a friend's friend for this info. Planning ahead is the key to be totally in control of your child's future. Let your child utilise his/her valuable time & energy in cracking the exam. The parent can play the other important role of taking care of the entrance exam planning part.

Author: Neelesh Budhiraja