KREA Round 2 Application Deadline 18 Jan


Applications for Round 2 of Krea University are ongoing with a deadline of 18 Jan 2023. Krea is a state-private university, located in Sri City, Andhra Pradesh. The university provides undergraduate courses in the arts, science, and humanities domains. Krea University Round 2 Application Last Date

Multiple Intake Rounds: Intake at Krea is in 4 rounds/cycles. Round 1 assessment is already over. Round 2 is currently in application/registration stage.

Humanities programs offered: Business Studies (Minor), Economics (Major), Economics and Environment Studies (Joint Major), History (Major), Philosophy (Minor), Politics (Major), Politics and History (Joint Major), Social Studies (Major)

Science programs offered: Biological Sciences (Major), Chemistry (Major), Computer Science (Major), Physical Sciences -Physics and Chemistry (Joint Major), Environmental Studies (Major), Mathematics (Major), Physics (Major), Psychology (Major)

Literature & Arts programs offered: Global Arts (Minor), Literature (Major), Literature and Arts (Joint Major)

Program structure: Each student needs to take a mandatory eleven core and skill courses in the first year. Students will choose a major in their second year. Students will complete required and elective courses towards the chosen major.  They will also be encouraged to choose cognate and/or elective courses in other disciplines.

Selection Criteria

Assessment + Interview and/or KIC (Krea Immersive Case)

Round 2 Key Dates

Application Deadline: 18 Jan 2023

Assessment Date: 29 Jan 2023

Assessments in Round 3 and 4 are scheduled to be conducted in April and June this year.

Click HERE to check detailed information about courses and all admission rounds of Krea University.




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