Unrecognised ODL Courses of Annamalai University


University Grants Commission, vide its notice dated 25 March 2022, has notified the public to not take admission in any programme offered by Annamalai University, Tamilnadu through ODL (Open & Distance Learning) mode. This is in light of the following facts: Annamalai University ODL Courses Not Recognized

1. The Annamalai University was only recognized to offer any programme in ODL mode till Academic Year 2014-15 and no further recognition has been accorded for this.

2. Programmes being offered by the university in ODL mode are in gross violations of all conditions laid down under UGC (ODL) Regulations 2017 and its amendments from time to time and UGC (Open & Distance Learning Programme and Online Programmes) Regulations 2020.

3. As per the regulations, “No Higher Educational institutions shall offer any Open and Distance Learning Programme and/or Online Programme and admit learners thereto unless it has been granted recognition by the Commission”.

The Commission has also clearly stated that taking admission in such programmes may jeopardise the careers of the students, in view of the absence of recognition of the programmes by UGC.




-- MEP News Bureau