NMC Third Caution On Foreign Medical Degrees


In its latest notification dated 18 Feb 2022, the National Medical Commission has cautioned about pursuing medical allopathy studies degree in some newly started colleges in Kyrgyzstan. This is the third such notification published by NMC in the last approximately 1 month,  the earlier ones being about China (dated 8 Feb 2022) and Armenia (dated 14 Jan 2022).

What does the notification about degrees from Kyrgyzstan sayNMC Caution On Foreign Medical Degrees

The notification talks about the medical institutes established in the last 1 year in Kyrgyzstan:

1. Avicenna University

2. Adam University

3. Royal Metro

4. International Medical University

5. Salymbekov University

6. ABC etc…

Issues highlighted by NMC

a) There may be some supervisory, regulatory and infrastructural issues in these institutions which must not be overlooked.

b) Allowing overseas students on the day of the launch runs contrary to international norms requisite to enroll foreign students. About 220 Indian students have been enrolled in these institutions without enrollment of a single Kyrgyz student.

c) Students from this country anyway need to clear FMGE in order to be able to register and practice as a doctor in India.


Quoting the above reasons, NMC has therefore advised Indian students to exercise due diligence in choosing where to pursue medical education from.

NMC’s other notices about medical education in China and Armenia

Just 10 days prior to the caution notice about Kyrgyzstan, NMC had released a similar notice (NMC/US(NMC)/Misc/2022-96) dated 8 Feb 2022, cautioning about admission in MBBS programmes in China for the current and forthcoming years. Click HERE to read full details and check the NMC notice.

Further on, another notice was issued by NMC on 14 Jan 2022 about a Medical University named after St Tereza in Yerevan (Armenia) not having proper infrastructure, faculty and other  prevailing malpractices. Click HERE to read full details and check the NMC notice.


-- MEP News Bureau