AICTE approval mandatory for Design, Vocational and Tech courses

All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) has notified vide its press advertisement on 4 Dec 2018 that all institutes engaged in running Technical courses under various Programmes need to have mandatory prior approval of AICTE in accordance with Section 10 and 11 of AICTE Act 1987 and Regulations 2016.

The institutions offering Technical Programmes in

- Engineering & Technology

- Pharmacy


- Management


- Hotel Management

- Catering Technology

- Applied Arts & Crafts

are required to take necessary approval from AICTE.

Besides, any institutions offering the following Technical Programmes are also required to take necessary approval from AICTE :

a) Design : B.Design / M.Design

b) Vocational (Technical) courses : B.Voc / D.Voc

In the notification, AICTE has stated that The State Governments and Universities may ensure that institutes running above courses have prior approval of AICTE before affiliating these institutes.

What does this mean for students : To avoid getting misled, it is suggested that students specifically ask for and check from the concerned institute

    >> whether it has AICTE approval

      >> for the course in which she/he is taking admission and also

        >> whether the approval is currently valid

Additionally, if the concerned institute claims affiliation with a specific University, then confirming from the affiliating University is a further and probably the final assurance.

Download AICTE-Notification